What are the Legal Rights for Employees Who’ve Tested Positive on a Drug Test?

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Drug testing in the workplace is a common practice aimed at maintaining a safe and drug-free environment for both employees and employers. However, it’s crucial to understand that employees who’ receive positive drug test who’ve tested positive on a drug test results have legal rights that protect them from unfair treatment. 

In this blog, we will explore these rights and help you understand what employees can expect if they have a positive drug test while working for your company.

Right to Privacy

Employees have a right to privacy, even in the workplace. This means that drug testing procedures should respect an individual’s privacy to the greatest extent possible. Employers should ensure that drug tests are conducted in a private and confidential manner, with minimal intrusion on the employee’s dignity.

Consent and Notification

In most cases, employees must provide informed consent before undergoing a drug test. They should be notified in advance of the testing procedure, including the type of test being conducted and the consequences of a positive result. Consent should be voluntary and not coerced.

Accurate Testing

Employees have the right to expect accurate drug testing procedures. Employers should use reliable and validated drug testing methods such as Slash Medical’s urine cups and maintain the chain of custody to prevent contamination or tampering of samples. Mistakes or errors in testing can have severe consequences for employees, making accuracy paramount.

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Right to Challenge Results

Employees who receive a positive drug test result have the right to challenge the accuracy of the result. This may involve requesting a retest or contesting the chain of custody. Employers should have a process in place for employees to dispute their test results and ensure a fair and unbiased review.

Accommodation for Prescription Medications

Some positive drug test results may be due to legally prescribed medications. Employees have the right to disclose their prescription medications to their employer and request reasonable accommodations if necessary. Employers should engage in a dialogue with the employee to determine the best course of action that ensures both safety and fairness.

Compliance with State and Federal Laws

Employers must comply with state and federal laws regarding drug testing. These laws vary by jurisdiction and may include requirements for notification, testing procedures, and the rights of employees. Employers should stay informed about the specific laws that apply to their location and industry.

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Employers are prohibited from discriminating against employees solely based on a positive drug test result. Discrimination could include firing, demotion, or other adverse actions without proper justification. Employers should consider factors such as the nature of the job, the employee’s performance, and whether the employee poses a safety risk.

Employee Tested Positive on a Drug Test?

It’s essential for employers to strike a balance between maintaining a drug-free workplace and respecting the legal rights of employees. Understanding and adhering to these rights ensures that employees who receive positive drug test results are treated fairly and equitably.

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