How to Avoid Diluted Drug Tests

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Ensuring the integrity of drug testing is a priority for employers and institutions implementing drug-free policies. Diluted samples can compromise test results, making it challenging to enforce these policies effectively. At Slash Medical, we understand the importance of reliable adulterant testing, which is why we offer drug tests with adulterants to detect tampering. Here’s how you can avoid diluted drug tests and maintain the accuracy of your testing program.

The Challenge of Diluted Samples

Dilution occurs when a person consumes excessive fluids to reduce the concentration of drugs in their urine. This can result in a test being reported as diluted, which means that the drug levels are not high enough to measure accurately.

Why It’s a Concern

A diluted drug test can be a deliberate attempt to tamper with the testing process. It poses a significant challenge as it can hide drug use and lead to false negatives, undermining the effectiveness of your drug testing program.

The Role of Adulterant Testing

Slash Medical’s drug test cups with adulterants are designed to identify the presence of adulterants that indicate tampering. Our tests include checks for substances commonly used to dilute urine, such as nitrates, oxidants, and specific gravity.

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Benefits of Using Enhanced Drug Tests

By employing drug tests with adulterant detection, you can discourage attempts to cheat the test and ensure that the results you obtain are accurate and reliable. This adds an extra layer of security to your drug testing process. Adulterant testing is easy and affordable at Slash Medical.

Best Practices for Collection

Start by clearly communicating your drug testing policies to all employees or participants. Explain the consequences of providing a diluted sample, and ensure they understand that adulteration is a violation of policy.

Controlled Testing Environment

Create a controlled environment for sample collection. This includes ensuring privacy while also having procedures in place to prevent tampering, such as not allowing personal belongings in the drug test collection area and using bluing agents in the toilet water.

Pre-Test Screening

Before administering a drug test, assess the individual’s hydration level. If they appear overhydrated, you may need to delay the test to allow their urine concentration to return to normal levels.

Providing Guidance

Provide instructions on the amount of water to consume before the test. This will help prevent naturally over-diluted samples while discouraging deliberate dilution.

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Post-Test Procedures

After a test is complete, review the results for any red flags that indicate a diluted sample. If the specific gravity and creatinine levels are abnormally low, this could signify dilution.

If a sample is suspected of being diluted, confirmatory testing may be necessary. At Slash Medical, we recommend using a secondary test with more stringent detection capabilities to validate the initial results.

Training and Education

Ensure that the staff responsible for administering drug tests are well-trained in recognizing the signs of adulteration and dilution. They should also be familiar with the procedures for dealing with suspected tampered samples.

Stay informed about the latest methods of tampering and advancements in drug testing technology such as our adulteration strips. Slash Medical is committed to providing educational resources to our clients to help them combat drug test dilution.

Order Your Drug Test With Adulterants Today!

Diluted drug tests can pose significant challenges to maintaining a drug-free environment. However, with the right strategies and tools, you can prevent tampering and ensure the integrity of your testing process. Slash Medical provides adulterant testing with built-in adulterant detection, offering a robust solution to safeguard against diluted samples. 

By following best practices for sample collection, employing enhanced drug tests, and ensuring thorough training and education, you can maintain the accuracy and reliability of your drug testing program. Seeking accurate and affordable drug test cups? Contact us today to get started!