Specimen Collection: Top 5 Common Mistakes To Avoid

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Specimen collection is a critical step in the drug testing process, directly impacting the accuracy and reliability of test results. Ensuring proper collection techniques is essential for maintaining the integrity of the testing process and upholding the credibility of drug test results.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the top five common mistakes made during specimen collection and provide valuable insights on how to avoid them, ensuring accurate and valid test outcomes.

Mistake #1 Inadequate Specimen Collection Training

Insufficient training of specimen collectors is a primary reason for errors in the collection process for drug testing. Properly trained collectors ensure that samples are collected consistently and in accordance with industry standards.


Invest in comprehensive training programs for collectors. These programs should cover proper techniques, adherence to protocols, handling of different types of specimens, and maintaining the privacy and dignity of the donor.

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Mistake #2 Insufficient Chain of Custody Documentation

Maintaining a clear and unbroken chain of custody documentation is crucial for the integrity of the drug testing process. Failing to document each step can lead to challenges in verifying the authenticity of the collected sample.


Implement a robust chain of custody protocol that includes accurate recording of collection times, dates, and the names of individuals handling the sample. Utilize technology, like digital forms or apps, to streamline this process and minimize human errors.

Mistake #3 Inadequate Labeling of Specimens

Improper labeling of specimens can lead to confusion, mismatched drug test results, and even legal issues. Accurate labeling ensures that each sample can be reliably linked to the correct donor.


Adopt a clear and standardized labeling system for specimens. Include donor information, collection date and time, and collector’s name. Implement a double-check procedure to confirm that labels match the donor and paperwork.

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Mistake #4 Poor Collection Site Preparation

Failure to properly prepare the collection site can lead to contamination or tampering of the sample, compromising the accuracy of the drug test results.


Ensure that the collection area is clean, well-equipped, and free from potential contaminants. Follow guidelines for maintaining hygiene, including using disposable gloves, sanitizing surfaces, and maintaining a controlled environment.

Mistake #5 Improper Storage and Transport

Improper storage and transport conditions can degrade the quality of the specimen, rendering it unsuitable for accurate testing.


Provide proper storage containers and guidelines to collectors to maintain the integrity of the samples. Ensure that samples are stored at appropriate temperatures and are protected from exposure to light and environmental contaminants during transportation.

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Effective specimen collection is a cornerstone of reliable drug testing. By addressing these common mistakes, collectors can significantly improve the accuracy of test results, maintain the credibility of the testing process, and uphold the trust of both employers and donors. 

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