The Dangers of Hiring an Alcoholic

Hiring an Alcoholic

There are high risks associated with hiring an alcoholic and using an alcohol test in the hiring process is crucial.Did you know approximately 70 percent of all adults with an alcohol or illicit drug use disorder are employed? Hiring employees is a critical process for any business. It’s not just about finding the right skills; it’s also about ensuring that the prospective employee is fit to work. This includes assessing the potential employee’s substance use, especially alcohol, given its widespread consumption.

The Impact of Alcoholism on Work Performance

Alcoholism is a serious condition that can severely impact an individual’s work performance and overall productivity. The following are negative impacts of alcoholism in the workplace: 

  • Decreased Productivity: Alcoholics often underperform due to hangovers or withdrawals affecting their ability to concentrate, remember, and make decisions.
  • Increased Absenteeism: Alcoholics are more likely to miss work or come in late regularly.
  • Safety Risks: In jobs where safety is critical, an alcoholic employee poses a significant risk. Their impaired decision-making and slower reaction times can lead to serious accidents.
  • Decreased Employee Satisfaction: Not only does alcoholism affect the person drinking, but those around them. If someone is suffering from alcoholism in the workplace, getting them the help they need is paramount for them and everyone around them. 

The Legal and Financial Implications

Hiring an alcoholic employee can lead to significant legal and financial consequences for a business including:

  • Legal Liability: If an employee under the influence of alcohol injures themselves or others at work, the employer could be held liable.
  • Increased Costs: Alcoholics may cause higher health insurance premiums and more worker’s compensation claims due to alcohol-related illnesses and injuries.

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The Importance of Drug Test Alcohol Practices

Given these potential issues, it’s crucial for businesses to incorporate an alcohol test or a drug test for alcohol during the hiring process and regular employee check-ups.

  • Prevention: Regular testing can deter employees from excessive drinking, as they know they could be tested at any time.
  • Early Detection: Regular testing can also identify employees struggling with alcoholism early, enabling timely intervention and help.
  • Ensure Safety and Productivity: Alcohol testing helps maintain a safe and productive work environment.
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Hiring an alcoholic can have serious implications for a business, from decreased productivity to increased legal and financial risks. By incorporating an alcohol test or a drug test for alcohol into your hiring process and regular employee check-ups, you can safeguard your business and help those who may be struggling with alcoholism. At Slash Medical, we offer reliable, easy-to-use alcohol tests, as well as comprehensive multi-panel tests to help businesses maintain a safe and productive work environment.